Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Suicide and all its efforts to vibe

What feeling is hovering across toward a way only? As this era only feels to dictate - he is all he sees right now in me. What does he feel to see different? That you are all doing the right things. We are the ones that suck. Get our energy out of your gut so that you can distinguish why you are all here to help us. We are all in our own ways but you are all in your own ways too. To dictate and to leave your lessons behind for us when we get to a place of feel to return to home bed that doesn't make sense - even now.

Why? ARe you all so vibed up on your own thing that you don't have anything better to say to us than hello?

Why are we being ignored - and scorned by our own ancestors right now? Why - are you still here doing? Why are you still here doing more than what we all feel you are doing? What work are you doing now? ARe you professional or are you still the baby boom sized up trimmed up and nothing factor you all speak? What are you doing that you are doing so much right now? What feeling do you have to do all of this? Are you doing more than me? I have nothing to do all day but what I do. I have nothing to do all day but what we all do. And that is stare at you until you leave.