Saturday, July 12, 2014

Working To Get - But Really

What thing do you feel for the most right now that you have to continue to work for - especially for the kids that whine so much about nothing.

Why do they feel to whine? Only because you stir them to this? Like santa crispy krinkled appeal of something that is the ole way of the nation unc?

The sam of the nation is this - dignified hippy negro ministers - not ankh.

What sinister minister wears this as a tattoo and says - We are the way of the world. And shit this look good on my skin!!

Anywho - lets move beyond some more

Our ways our not ours in claim stakes of the na sa of any type of jurisdiction that claims so hard than us. We are this too. So get over yourself like this - unclaim your way.

Live in the heart - dammit!