Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What Tactic do I have to play

What type of play goes beyond the spectrum of seeing? What feeling do you have with me now? Do i have to project hatred on others for you to see who I am better or do you have to know why you are down here more than up here playing around - cause this is some thick linger issue we all mangled ourselves inward toward with a heart journ that is no more. The heart in the state of conscious effort is to upbring your level of frequency to a higher stance to delve no more into a realm of funk. What is the funk doing marinating now in these upper levels to have us to be aware now?

What fuckery is here that doesn't have to be?

What frequent upbringing is this for ones to underrelate toward only? What function told us all to higher your waves of attunements? What frequency is all attuned to now? What EArth doesn't leave us numb? What number is this that we are all under - numb - number - zero - factor only.

Where is the dictation toward living? What plan doesn't have a master in it here? now

What still quality of the nation is not here at all? What part of the nation doesn't like me right now?

Here is the way of the world with me. I want to speak to me often, but the world cuts in and places more meanings for us. The beings of ole are relating - not so much though with me. Namaste