Saturday, July 12, 2014

Wanding your Ways

Love your ways and you get what? Triple that and you get gut. What way is your stancing of the system of glory and don't want to be. And don't feel to have this sign up now about the free WiFi. You are supposed to do more than just sit there and type. I want to do more and function you out - so that your girl way is just that. Not hefty. Just a girl way. Why are you here in my facility? Why are you here making any stance online? We are exposing enough to you. We are displaying our stupe. Why are you so determined to get me locked up here? I have to do more than what I do in order to keep up with what you are doing.

What baby boomed station is this?

I have nothing to do all day but play with your mental capacity for any Alzheimer dis-easement of the natural stance of organic and indoctrinated ways of blending green natural style. I want the meat and dairy on holidays we all spend more on and sometimes not. Why are you so determined to catch up with what I speak?