Friday, July 18, 2014

Giving More than you Desire


Where is the nation so ready to do more than their share right now? Do you feel you are ranting about something you may or may not feel? Why are you debating about something here that doesn't feel right now? Give your talk a way to feel you right now.

Leave the door open for me to speak at your ceremony. What is the feel of that with a shaman?

Why do you feel you are that? Why do you feel you are what you are not? YOu are not steering our business out of business. Okay. Why are you feeling you are? Why are you feeling you are doing that? I think you are doing that. I have nothing to say to you until you realize why I am hearing this from your aunt too. Why is your aunt frightened - and why does she call to see if you are still there? So much? I love you but you are not getting into my feelings girl. Not you. I have better things to do than repent for a way to do. I have nothing to do all day but this and play. So get out of our facility before the young ones start to like you more. My ways of ole are lasting with me and will not get over on you until you get in Williams way. Do you understand me now - jethro? I have to do things my way - cause he is not falling cause of me. I will blame all of you baby y fu and you will never know why I am the devil in your eye.


What blah why and whah whine cries so much in your face?

What blam thank you ma'am is this too? In the gut though - not the butt. The gut shows the force of will is stronger than you are - will. Why? Cause you are not that either - get it? What shaman effort doesn't have to be but a whisper to make stirring happen? I want you to know that you are what you stirred into oblivion from the ways of ole only. So if you feel to blame - give that to the bird that threw you a bone anyway. Uh oh bills of the states.