Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What Way Do We See in Our Way

Can I take more feelings on this right now before we go into a way? Or do we need to look stupid? Can we fear this guy over here with what we have? He don't have shit. Maybe we don't need to get involved right now. Where are they? Just what we have. What do we have? She got a vehicle on my terms, she got a hairdo from this one fool, and she got her feet waxed (according to gossip pendulum pull) - so I guess we don't have anything but a feeling to vibe over to the courts for him.

What way do you feel now?

That she is forced to do these things by this guy.


So what does this guy do? Restaurant biz.

Okay - so what do we have?

Everything. He is the one that did this - so we will go to the church and tell them to spook her with our prayers that her soul be lost forever if it ain't right.