Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What Way Do We See in Our Way

Can I take more feelings on this right now before we go into a way? Or do we need to look stupid? Can we fear this guy over here with what we have? He don't have shit. Maybe we don't need to get involved right now. Where are they? Just what we have. What do we have? She got a vehicle on my terms, she got a hairdo from this one fool, and she got her feet waxed (according to gossip pendulum pull) - so I guess we don't have anything but a feeling to vibe over to the courts for him.

What way do you feel now?

That she is forced to do these things by this guy.


So what does this guy do? Restaurant biz.

Okay - so what do we have?

Everything. He is the one that did this - so we will go to the church and tell them to spook her with our prayers that her soul be lost forever if it ain't right.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I Walk Away From This

I want to struggle you so that you are not in a way of knowing. But when are you doing something different than saying this?

I want to do this article with you. I feel to do this so that you know what a devil and demon is - so when you struggle your own work with this you will know what I am speaking. What I am saying is a way only. If you are saying just a way then you know why you are now typing out what I say only.
Feeling out anything that has to do with a demon is not wise. You speaking all of this into existence and that doesn't have to be either. Why? Cause you are hurting.
What hurt doesn't linger as well in your bones than the one that this family is doing right now?
What family is this blame?
No family. The struggle of a system that feels to be rectified.
What family? The ones that have suffered and didn't have to when this psychic healer walked the heart of their own. With love. 
What blame is this?
Too much for them to handle. They have nothing to do all day but this and know what this is - a love hatred battle that doesn't have to be at all. What way do you see right now?
Matrix and nothing. All and everything. Beyond and light. Junctures that don't have to do with you at all. What way do you feel right now?
Touched with love. I have love to offer you heavy. I love you. Namaste

Where are You Speaking? Tonight?

When I hear the one speaking of ole I see this - Oh!

When I see this - I'm okay. I know she is struggled.

What way are you speaking tonight?

Fired up!
What way are you sleeping?
What way do you see yourself in the interim of doing business with fam of ole?

They are the ones that do the most!