Sunday, May 25, 2014

Working No More System Work

Locking my eyes on the sites of seeing no more man. When the man say this: I have nothing to do all day but play - what playing is this that this man does all day?


The play is to get my name out enough for you to understand me. What this man is doing with my aunt is obtrusive in a spirit claim way. Of system. The system work is done on the societal comings of their own. Why are they giving so much attention to one soul and not many?

What children does she bring into the world after hers? All.

What children does she bring from the womb? None.

What children do we hurt the most? Theirselves.

What children understands this language? Them

What is theirselves? An English dictation of one way of saying - but not really! lol

What way does this way seem to them right now? Their play

Why are they so messed up?! They are getting jobs to rectify their soul levels for themselves.

Why? They are into a way and don't feel to be.

Why? They cannot be.

Why? Because they are the children that don't live as much anymore in this upcoming segment of living for me.

Where is this? Their own play and strife and way.

Why? Because they are in ways with me. Love ways. Tattered ways. Never ending ways of gypsy nothing. They bring themselves into a way of seeing me and not leaving.

Why? Because they are confused. Offering themselves as vessels that are now ghosts. But not really.

Why is this language so ole? This language is the one of the children of the Earth that have lost their way for good and don't know who they are anymore. They are being licensed into ways of giving and receiving grandly only as they are - not anymore for the ones that are universal no more. This way of giving is all truth here on Earth. But their ways do not reflect anything beyond this way right? Why are they receiving so much? What are they doing to do that? How is this happening? Why are they coming into the Truth to speak?

This is the Truth! The children are all starving for attention but certain ones more than others. The healer is one to seek them out at all costs. The soul is one to bring you into different ways of talk and the other episodes are all everything and nothing. What is this language?

The ole slave way. Namaste