Thursday, May 1, 2014

Walking Into your Ways

Love stream expounded in ways. Give me the way to do your way. Do you deal amazingly or not? Do you expose yourself with who you are or not? Do you always leave what you want to do on the table for us to take? Do you get fu blamed for that black man? Uh oh

What baby boom era wants to generate enough cash for you to claim an era only? Cause its a generational pull that feels for you to say dumb.

Can you do anything else but this all day and play? What play do they all put on you? The nation of new? Love is them right now and uncovers a bit about nothing. Do you fear this - about them? How much love do they speak to you now? Anything? Do they spill out everything they do like you? Or do they feel that's too much to display because of the ways of their own family? Doing this all day is what I have - what about you 9 to 5 or the players on the street that guitar?

What feeling do you get that way of a violin that wasn't played at all but stanced with others to say "I do that!" And when the wow comes in loud from others - they go and do something else cause that was cheap to get from just that. I don't feel this shit - but I will do more to get a grin. Then the sin. Will start. Begin. Episodes of eden.