Saturday, May 17, 2014

Messing with The Spirit Realm - Uh Oh

What method of madness do we have to play our spirit higher than this? What method of madness do we have to unwind a knowing about me? What spirit wants to know more than she can handle about my weight dropping and my mouth moving to a viper way of letting go of most of the swan calling of missionary work. What let go am I speaking?

What mom do I speak right now?

What mom says to let go?

She says to let go and do your homework nicely. Yours does too!

What mom says for aunt to keep trying to sway kenya and you don't no more. Hear me.

Lois and Linc. Time to let go of energy that doesn't have to do with you now. They are where they are in time spectrums that vibe no time right now. What is the emotion that is pulled up right now?