Sunday, May 11, 2014

I Want to Do Things

I have to do things in the world that doesn't reflect an emotion. What emotion doesn't have to do things like this? Dad didn't have an emotion that expressed itself outward. Mom didn't either. What emotion does this have?

I have to say things like this, I have to do things. What emotion is this? I have to do things. What way is this?

I have to do things that are missing in action. What way do you think this is? A letter of resentment? Or what?

Featuring a way. What way?

Walking into a wayward talk and nothing more than that.

Featuring a walkout in a minute. I left that function and now they gonna fire me for gossip. You better not be messin with my man! I love you but I can't do that to you honey. I have to tell you that you are a whore of the system honey. He is not there with what you do. So what way do you see? He is not all there.

Give me a way to repent.

Functions of the societal blissed out way.