Friday, May 30, 2014

Walk Into a Way

I want to do more than just a way.

I'm going to film my self saying this so you can see where I'm at.

I Can't Do Stuff from Sirian KitaRA on Vimeo.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Working No More System Work

Locking my eyes on the sites of seeing no more man. When the man say this: I have nothing to do all day but play - what playing is this that this man does all day?


The play is to get my name out enough for you to understand me. What this man is doing with my aunt is obtrusive in a spirit claim way. Of system. The system work is done on the societal comings of their own. Why are they giving so much attention to one soul and not many?

What children does she bring into the world after hers? All.

What children does she bring from the womb? None.

What children do we hurt the most? Theirselves.

What children understands this language? Them

What is theirselves? An English dictation of one way of saying - but not really! lol

What way does this way seem to them right now? Their play

Why are they so messed up?! They are getting jobs to rectify their soul levels for themselves.

Why? They are into a way and don't feel to be.

Why? They cannot be.

Why? Because they are the children that don't live as much anymore in this upcoming segment of living for me.

Where is this? Their own play and strife and way.

Why? Because they are in ways with me. Love ways. Tattered ways. Never ending ways of gypsy nothing. They bring themselves into a way of seeing me and not leaving.

Why? Because they are confused. Offering themselves as vessels that are now ghosts. But not really.

Why is this language so ole? This language is the one of the children of the Earth that have lost their way for good and don't know who they are anymore. They are being licensed into ways of giving and receiving grandly only as they are - not anymore for the ones that are universal no more. This way of giving is all truth here on Earth. But their ways do not reflect anything beyond this way right? Why are they receiving so much? What are they doing to do that? How is this happening? Why are they coming into the Truth to speak?

This is the Truth! The children are all starving for attention but certain ones more than others. The healer is one to seek them out at all costs. The soul is one to bring you into different ways of talk and the other episodes are all everything and nothing. What is this language?

The ole slave way. Namaste

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Getting Lucky - Pharell and them

Work and play is not right now but it could be - so why would a trial of episodes do some grand favor for those that don't want to play hard at all? What are we doing to those that we are notable play in this realm of excitement? The creation that does us good later only. What are you doing that you are so free to say - no?

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Walk Into My Web

Walking into a web is never enough for me in this life. Walking into a web is never enough for me. I want to see myself really nice - all the time. But I do. Whichever person touches me is the one that I like. I like this guy. He wants to marry me and I don't know why. I am 17 right now but I am really trying to get my life straight.

I have so much work to do.

I want to do more - but I do. So whenever I steam clean my room and get my heart to a way state of affairs that goes with my mindset, I will know how the world knows my mom too. She is new. I know this.

I am followed by an air of stench at times, but not all the time. This stench is only world that goes beyond the cleansing point of ecstasy and doesn't feel right at all. I am here. But not really in your face. But in the heart - I can sing a tone in your dream state that says - I am getting off on you to feel your love. I want to feel my love too.


Walking That Way

What way do I speak right now? The road or the highway? What way? Why can't have more in my way? Why can't I see more than this? Why can't I see more than this? Why can't I see more than people and their way? I have to do more than this. I have to do more than the way I portray. I have to do things more than this. I have to know more than what I see.

Do you get me? I have to do you. Okay?

I see you.



Monday, May 19, 2014

Wow - Can the Time Be So Expensive

When the time comes into play and says there are things to do beyond the spectrum of living - you will know why you are never going to do more than me.

You will know why I am hearing things more than what I am doing for me.

You will know what I am doing.

You will know why I am doing more than the other.


Why? Why are you so struggled right now? I am here. Okay.


Saturday, May 17, 2014

Messing with The Spirit Realm - Uh Oh

What method of madness do we have to play our spirit higher than this? What method of madness do we have to unwind a knowing about me? What spirit wants to know more than she can handle about my weight dropping and my mouth moving to a viper way of letting go of most of the swan calling of missionary work. What let go am I speaking?

What mom do I speak right now?

What mom says to let go?

She says to let go and do your homework nicely. Yours does too!

What mom says for aunt to keep trying to sway kenya and you don't no more. Hear me.

Lois and Linc. Time to let go of energy that doesn't have to do with you now. They are where they are in time spectrums that vibe no time right now. What is the emotion that is pulled up right now?


Work and Play and Dance my way

Love oriented tasks are no more for me or are they for you? What heart is functioning everything with you beyond love? Ways of the wand are here.

Love heart jones is not this anymore ex hubby!

Walk into your ways of nothing. Work into your ways of something. What factors keep this thing going on and on. Walk into your ways and your path is righteous and outfitters begotten love nudge of the sun. Work and play and nothing comes to you all day but you. namaste

Sunday, May 11, 2014

I Want to Do Things

I have to do things in the world that doesn't reflect an emotion. What emotion doesn't have to do things like this? Dad didn't have an emotion that expressed itself outward. Mom didn't either. What emotion does this have?

I have to say things like this, I have to do things. What emotion is this? I have to do things. What way is this?

I have to do things that are missing in action. What way do you think this is? A letter of resentment? Or what?

Featuring a way. What way?

Walking into a wayward talk and nothing more than that.

Featuring a walkout in a minute. I left that function and now they gonna fire me for gossip. You better not be messin with my man! I love you but I can't do that to you honey. I have to tell you that you are a whore of the system honey. He is not there with what you do. So what way do you see? He is not all there.

Give me a way to repent.

Functions of the societal blissed out way.


Saturday, May 10, 2014

Watch Everything Around You

You are being vibed here as one that takes us for granted. Why are people so thrilled to show us that they work? I am here but not doing your thing. So why are you doing anything this way? You have been here and I don't know why you are doing your stuff so much until you realize this is really a watchtower that doesn't want to do more than you are - give your work to a way and you already understand that way. The way that vibes you to go cause you are not participating with our flow. Why are you taking so much from us? The truth is not this. You are not doing things in a way of something anymore. Love is this. Get your way now. Give your way toward a weird doing or something. I have nothing to do all day but you. But all you do is this. Why?

Can I get into your head enough to do more than what you do? No. Love extreme namaste - FORUM  - READINGS & CLEARINGS

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Loving Extreme but Yeah

I have to do more than just look you over and lick you up a bit. I have to do more - cause I ain't shit without you. I am nothing. But I am something with you, right? I have to get my life in check. I can't linger in your emotional pullings on me anymore. I have to get back into my episodes that aren't showing for anything. How come your play is different? How come your play is minimal but is mainstay? What play is so appealing that it doesn't look stupid. Namaste

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For the entire package - you are liable for nothing anymore. People are not liable for you anymore either. You are free in spirit and will claim only nothing.

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Walking Into your Ways

Love stream expounded in ways. Give me the way to do your way. Do you deal amazingly or not? Do you expose yourself with who you are or not? Do you always leave what you want to do on the table for us to take? Do you get fu blamed for that black man? Uh oh

What baby boom era wants to generate enough cash for you to claim an era only? Cause its a generational pull that feels for you to say dumb.

Can you do anything else but this all day and play? What play do they all put on you? The nation of new? Love is them right now and uncovers a bit about nothing. Do you fear this - about them? How much love do they speak to you now? Anything? Do they spill out everything they do like you? Or do they feel that's too much to display because of the ways of their own family? Doing this all day is what I have - what about you 9 to 5 or the players on the street that guitar?

What feeling do you get that way of a violin that wasn't played at all but stanced with others to say "I do that!" And when the wow comes in loud from others - they go and do something else cause that was cheap to get from just that. I don't feel this shit - but I will do more to get a grin. Then the sin. Will start. Begin. Episodes of eden.