Friday, April 18, 2014

Workings and Lower Class Instead

The language of this document is this: Now

I want to do more. But I know too much for my own ass. Do you get what I'm saying. I already know too much - so I don't know anything you would ever teach me. Ever.

The way of the lower class, middle and economical sound wealth no more. The american pie way. The statutory way of the one that doesn't feel himself here anymore. The one felt up primarily with everything that doesn't care about him at all.


Because he is felt the fuck up.


Because he is weary in his own filed up way of knowing that you are too much for yourself. Now I have nothing to do but complain all day and get this kid to do more on his chores, math, and hobbies. He is messed up in the head. Oh woeth me and the lord right now - why is he so messed up. Let me go get a beer at the bar and badger someone else in the head so that they feel bad. HA!