Friday, April 25, 2014

What Way do You Perceive

What way do you feel in your way? Another system or symptom? Before I begin - I do not have a way to do anything right or wrong. Let me explain:

Letter A - Red scarlet letter placed on the sweater of the Harlot of the city they all thought was different for vibing a different way. Intermixing

Letter B - Nothing here but now. But way of ole still being brought to the forefront.

Letter C - Another day and dollar. But the system is now saying, "You can't."

Letter D - I have to put a letter a on my sweater but only for you to see an image. What you see is on you. Everything else is now a mission beyond. What are you doing? Focusing on the Letter A? Uh Oh. You are sleepy already in your non-conscious effort to save my soul.

Letter E - Where are you? In the day of the mixture? In the time of making me look bad? Why are you so bad ass? I love your way of nothing. I want you but I don't. I have nothing to do but this all day. What effort does it take to do this?

Letter F - I have a way to do things but I do. What way does this effort do? I want to do things and I do. What way is this? I have nothing to do all day but lecture. I have all things but you. I hate the world. I hate the way you speak. I hate the way you are. I hate me. I want to be back to my norm behavior. Namaste

I am all here and now I am reliving the spectrum of this time with those that feel.

What a day of mission statements.

What a way.

What a naysay of a world.

Walking into a way of naysayer of nothing.

What a way of nothing.

Here are the mission statements of nothing.

Here are the mission statements of something beyond the spectrum of time.

What are you doing? Feeling a spectrum of episodes here? Watch out - I have nothing to do but this all day.