Saturday, April 12, 2014

Psychic Awareness on the Go

I want to play with your emotions a bit. What family is issued with a girl from the ole school that was - and no more is this - and when she doesn't like to play with others like this, you will see her no more.

Uh oh.

Whatever you are, get into a way of no more loudness because these assholes will get hurt.

The loudness from some will vibe so much clang and banter in the aura, you will know why they get loud with you.

Why are you so busy knowing me?

What is the gesture of ones that see different?

What one needs to see?

What does the loudness have to do with now?
A way to say I embarrass you until you get your reconciliation right. Or was that a heart walk? Like I feel to give you now?