Friday, April 18, 2014

Life Line is Exposed But never Gained

What cancer is here that wants to expose itself? I want to know why you are lingering with one that isn't liable but some around her are?

Fire up your way in my watchtower to expose who you are - why?

Are you that antsy to do?

I want to do more, but never are you this distinct with gutter moves in the interest of others.


Fine tune your walk and you are not the one I want. Wanting is here with some and don't want to play nice at times. Why?

I am having a baby and you are not getting in my way. I love your work and I love your justice play but never am I fearing this shi


Get over yourself now B


I am here. I can't do you - so let go of that! I want to do more with you only - so don't fear that - I'm not sure what you want me to do?


Cause I am not the one to play with - in a f up way of saying "HE IS GONE! VIBING GHOST - ONLY"