Saturday, March 22, 2014

Work Action Suit Come Go Toward Way

When I file for this action suit against the world play, I will say - World, I don't have anywhere to go right now because I am here.

What nation is crying this way now?

Love mentions the creation coincides with dignified manners only. I want to hear about my fries - but not really. What manner is coinciding with me and this scheme of finance? What follow through is extreme as soon as I do?

Filing for a D or the nations glorified ways of dealing with the enemy. I want to do more. I can't do. I am. The way. Oh. May - be - not

Okay. Now get your time clocks going on us. Right away we are the way. The nations cry of I and D. That darn fly is going into cohort scriptures and we are not ready. Again. Oh Lawd. We are blown to amend and blend. We are fool and doo. What is that? A sound that will spat on your rat and land you in your way. NOw. Functions need to dictate right again. Left in the wind and you will know why I am here in the way of you. Love is extreme - fun is gathered. The sun is what is here. Now is extreme. Love.