Saturday, March 22, 2014

Magic Man and Queen of London

Where are you to get sick right now? What fuckery has this been for you - in your own fired up styled way? The new found interest in our public setting is the liberated diet of the sanctioned way of - YOU DO THIS, YOU DO THAT, YOU CAN'T DO THIS, YOU CAN'T DO THAT.

When people here in the states respond to - oh okay. I won't then. I will just function a work, education, a finance and a living. Thank you.

What is this shit?

What alien is this that plays so hard?

Why is the sting ray of the sound lake the pond that got australia?

What made up function doesn't know? But what fear is this we show?

The state of I get coddled with a way of yours and now I don't know shit about me. Uh oh. Lets play with dignity some more and convent - ionalize ourselves to an adjusted style of mockery. That is heard from all the caucasoid families (alien causcoid) and also the negroid. Namaste