Friday, February 7, 2014

Partaking in Eve Dancing

Working on a timeset ability. Agility. Housing my ass off the couch and not really.

Where are you in taking the fall for a long ride toward a way? What way are you doing right now?

Finding a way to do nothing.

Finding a way to do everything.

What way do we see how we are often?

What way do we see often that lingers and doesn't get in a way but wants?

What nigga system is this? The entity? What word does this mean and how did it come into a language so quickly?

Why is this word negro in the ole way? Nigger in the 70s? And Nigga with the race it goes toward within a spectrum of fearing you if you don't say it?

Why is a word so power driven to break you apart?

Where is this word talked about often? In media? In the vibes of frequency of music? Or on the Doctorate program of all their is in the mainstreet of vibetown boogy?

What method of madness is in my mouth wanting to cum only?

Out on your way. Spitting this out on the Earth sand and glove stone ability.

What nigga doesn't see this? Do you feel this word when I say this? Or someone else that is more upstream in economics?

Or does that matter?

What wealth system sees all races as one word?



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