Thursday, January 9, 2014

Water Drip of Dew

Fine tuning my lyric horn to do more music. Watching out for spectators and getting carried away no more in the trauma of dance or muse or anything that has a cord of excitement to it that will unexcite the being after a long hard day after a healing treatment.

What treatment does the tantra play have for a being?

What sexual contact does this extreme?

What fine tune method doesn't have it all there to do or to jive?

What way is this that doens't know that what I did is wrong but nobody is else is jiving like that so I guess I'll stand still.

They danced our lyrics away in hollyframed ways. What Wood actress knows about this extreme?

Finding out how the system plays us hard like roaches and then we fall out wanting to get back into a way that we have no more play in -

Elise and Elijah and any Pocahantas character is never afar from the true state of never never land music man 70s.

What is this disco fever tune that has people slumped and out of play? Or dance?

Does this music make people happy or is it a time your body can move through a spectrum of fiber?

Does the fiber relieve itself after the hard dance of disco?


It linger inward enough to stop the jive time dance of a soul that just wanted to go to the bathroom. Got stood up in the waiting line and said, "I'll just pee on the floor then. Moving myself to dance."

The 800.00 package is a system that is a no system mental mind gap no more project. You will feel to unwind most with just one system package. Then, when you will feel to go a little deeper and sense the beings of ole working on your body level only (no more dis-ease in many areas of the physical ailed spirit), you will know why verbiage will matter no more and your exhaust will also feel tangled mentally no more. The next level in this package for another 800.00 is the foundational progressive learning of unlearning. What questions to ask your conscious efforts will be in this special class seminar. Then, lastly - for only $2500 - you receive 1 week ayahuasca healing adventure to vision quest your 3rd eye and do a daily washing of all levels of where you were in the past lives and beyond.

This whole special is a seminar deal only. The metaphysician is only here to assist and not be a guide in this realm of specialty. That is with the weekly $50 subscription only. This is extreme let go wealth system only!

For the entire package - you are liable for nothing anymore. People are not liable for you anymore either. You are free in spirit and will claim only nothing.

The entire package is $5,000
800 + 800 + 800 + 2500 + 100 (fee) = $5000 control free package (mind freedom swap no thing ever!)

In person (South America only) $7000 (2 month journey alone)

Peru 2 Months - Higher Mind Calling
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