Friday, January 17, 2014

Fire Your Ancestors To Do - GO Green MEAN

Limited talk is now. I am vibing down with what I just did to you. I touched someone and didn't mean to - I have to call them at burger restaurant to do you in - cause you didn't have to do me in like mean. I don't want to do anything but sulk in my tears now. I just wanted to f around with you and you snap your mouth off at me and I don't want to call that restaurant and tell them but I will. I had feeling hurt.

What language is this?

I have feeling hurt. I don't want anything but this to play out like that - so I don't want trouble I just want to do you again man. woman. child. What the f are you guys now?

I think I may not be. I want to do things but not really. I have nothing in the world to do but this - I have to shoot the f out of your d%k and you are not that anymore man. You are not that. I have to do things different then. I think I have to clean my act up - how come you are jiving right now but not really. I know you are smiling again. Did she bite you? I want to do things different.

My ass is on the grind for now.

The language of ole is expose d to a point of nothing love and creation of anxious ways.


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