Saturday, January 11, 2014

FAshion and Understandings and Over statements

Love this show so much. Do you feel your vibe right now? I cannot do things without you until you realize I am here for you. So if you are hungry - I am here. But if you are tripping - I am not here at all. I am only here if you are lifted in your body. On a lesson point only for now.

I have everything to give you - but you are so mean. Why do I give to my customers? They pay. They are the ones that lick up my butt and I pay them for nothing. I pay them for nothing. Everything they gain is a smile and a grin at times but never are they feeling so much like this vibe. Are you realizing he may be hungry too? I know he is. What are the kids eating right now? YOu !

They are not gaining a thing without their mom.

So why are the kids so intune and doing in the world now?

They are doing more than we are - so why am I saying this in a casual affair type setting?

I am here. Love extreme. Give me nothing and you will see me with someone if that's the feel. Lalalalala.

I give nothing for your trip up the stream of ent and do.

Ways this is. Roles of ole and all the ents of the world can do more than you.

Love is here. Give yourself a way to do more than an article boo.

I have your back. I hate you. And I love - so where are we with this page? Never ending in a world of whore and slut ways of ole. Give me nothing to say all of this and I will. I hate you more. I see your way and they pay. Okay. I am at the burger shack and this is the talk in the back. Wow.


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