Saturday, December 7, 2013

Men that Stink and Women that Follow a way

What vibe do you get from a wondrous love that doesn't care about you or him? I have to do more than your ways. I love your ways. I cannot do your way right now. I love extreme for now. I am here if you want anything. I cannot do you on the web though - I am scary. I will do you on the street for now. I can only do you $1 online though - I cannot do you anymore.

Why am I saying that? I have nothing else but that. What vibe is this that she would speak to you? On a trash site on something that won't do?

I won't do you anymore if you know what this is - can you relate? Now? Or later? I am stomping on your work. I have nothing else to say but that. I am stomping on everything you do. I have to do me before I lend you anything. Then I will give you a $2 notion of something. I am here. Love


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