Saturday, December 7, 2013

Justify Your Longing and Do

Can you do your share of nothing so that I can vibe you different? What talk are we all speaking right now? How come I am coming through with you different than norm? I love your work. I want to do more for the show and cannot do anything for me for seeing you all the ---well

I do have to share your work

I do have to do your stand or walk or workings

I do have to do more than I share fair too

Want to do more - but I am not sure why they are too proud to say - I just want to do my thing.

I have nothing to do with a system that does this to a babe at the base of housing!

I want you to see why you are so strangled to stay behind and work. But not just a knowing of you to do - you are not working! You are just walking around, writing and lectures. That is not work for most. So show the babe that you are more than you. That you are more for many and she follows through rye and catcher for now. Until then - be

Why are you crying for more than you are able to handle? I am here. Love namaste