Saturday, December 7, 2013

Functions and Dignified WiFi

Where is the WiFi in our living that springs are bosom to go live and covered up?


What weary ancestor is so wanting and needing right now?

How is the wanting going for their stock? For the homes? For the ways?

How are ways going into their own backs of cropping and stocking and living?

What language is this?

The language of ones that feel to piss on your crop some time in the near future and have been for awhile. Getting this out is so fear with some around me that they have to play a guitar faster and louder in order to steer clear of the tide that I am providing for them to do - here in a lounge.

What lounge?

That is for you to distinguish for yourself and for me to just tell you this:

I have to do more to pay a bill or two but you have to do a lifestyle adjustment in order to pay bills of the century! In karma only. What have you done that is so detrimental to the karmic laws that they are by-passing the church ways you stir and clear and walk around claiming?

Uh oh. Did I hit a chord with some? Let go of your ways and spring into a fired up stationed area of you within and the heart adjusts accordingly!

Walking into your ways!