Friday, December 6, 2013

Findings and Callings Extreme

What finding isn't the blissed side of walking? What walking is extreme feel for the people that isn't always the same. The feel for you may be extreme wakening or a fight to enlight your split hair. How am I appealing to the masses right now?

A blog?

An article?

A book?

A video?

A calling that says "I am that but not really?"

Who is the most extreme out of all of this play that didn't speak up until now? I am here is what this one behind me says and he wants to go home after hearing a radio documentary only. Why are people using the WiFi for this stuff?

And he gets irritated at my skin color.


Weird comings and goings are this. Why are you so irritated in a midst of nothing? This is all there is for me. A zero'd level and ground point emotional standing that love says extreme "LETS PLAY!"

Wow. I love extreme is what he is saying now with his ego. What is that?

Relationship and coddling my soul. I just want to feel this right now. Let me be.

Oh. So you are not being extreme? Why?

I have nothing to do all day but pick on you and make you look stupid.


The mentality here is you are a nigga. Okay.

What is that?

I am that and you are that too. I am white but not like that. So get out of my view.


Because I am really extreme with what I say and so is she as she speaks to me in a jealous way. Love extreme - okay?

What is that?


Oh - okay, well - let's be.