Saturday, November 9, 2013

Your Breakfast Sandwich here

What here is not now? What there is the same? Can I deliver a message that is so true and real that I am speaking with you too.

I want to speak more with you and not against you or your belief. What system is not here or is just wasting space too? I have nothing to do all day but play with this one - so be brief.

I want to do - but I do.

This is a way of saying people don't want to do anything else with themselves today but them.

Why is the system this way?

Why is the system righteously pulling me toward this little girl to assist? Where is this that he did this? What light in toward the shining star is what we are all seeing? Here? Now? More now is with him and she is unable to feel for that now without disgracing him. With a smile of not a thing on her face but her - or a sometime gesture of hi. Without an expression. Do you get what I am referencing? I love extreme but some are more than others.