Saturday, November 30, 2013

Live Your Way - Don't Give Up and DOWN and SIDE WAY Z

HOw are you doing with this speak of a summer or winter or autumn or even spring that cannot hold up on their own?

What kindred way of something is here? I love you. I am knowing you. I understand you. I am here for you?

What way is this?

The state way?

Why are they like this on the state side of the can way? Why are people so friendly here? I want to sex you with just a greeting of "hello delicious". How are people so vibed on this talk? I don't get this? I want to talk like that to others - but some are just doers and I see this. You are a doctor - not a timid sex object. Why am I thinking that right now? Hopefully I suppose that I am not that either. I work on subtle talk and play. Why? Why am I timid with you right now knowing me? I have nothing else to do but play.

I know you. I will pay you more for your service.

I realize you want to seek me - right?

I have nothing else to say but this - namaste.

I want to do more is this vibe. I have everything in the world I desire. I want to do more and I see you - as a whore. Why?

Love is this. namaste. - FORUM  - READINGS & CLEARINGS

A network of representatives in the states for now with Intuitive Metaphysician PhD level Kenya Lynem. Author of Trials of the Lamb series online and kindle version. The Peru Iquitos retreats are set to go hand in hand with forum chats and healing work. Meet us each week and even daily to start to build a living community. Here. Now. Presence.