Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hot Pants Girls More Girls

What hot pants girls more girls studio are you in? The one that doesn't make sense to the naked eye anymore. What feeling do you get from this title?

An article that is made for young eyes if you fail to realize the sound of resentment - then you know why a mom cries so hard in this world to keep all of this straight. A mom that doens't care about the people in her family and she says this in strangled way only - I am feeling myself extreme and love is here!

Why is she being strangled to say this?

Selfishness. I want to feel you strangled. I want to feel you hate. I want to feel you trigger my buttons to do you up in a hate way only. I have self-hatred and I can't do anything else but love your way. Extreme is your play. So play somewhere else until you realize why I play this hard. Namaste