Friday, November 1, 2013

Counting to 10 Education System

Why is a system so educated on English but not with counting? What addition subtraction and algebraic factors of anything counts backwards enough for me to be?

Counting to 10 is the sound of education. What system counts sound with a wave a laughter?

What college system does this now? Finding out why - is here. Finding out that the system is jerking people is not as apparent - But could be.


Find out if your daughter or son can do this first. Then go beyond another level of fuckery with 20, which is the same ass story as the first five numbers in our category of addition. Why do they teach up to 5 and then another 5?

Where is the 2 that says stop there or I go - BOO!

I have pictured myself like this and zero is the mixture of the n factor that we speak highly of on Trials of the Lamb on and we don't know why we can't do this anymore.

What are we to do?