Saturday, November 2, 2013

Ayahuasca Healing Network: Ayahuasca Healing and Tantra Sessions

Ayahuasca Healing Network: Ayahuasca Healing and Tantra Sessions: Tantric Passion Events Tantra Fun Orgasm - Work Dance 1 hour $1,000.00 USD Intense Touch/Cleanse - 3 hours $2,200.00 USD Puj...

Tantric Passion Events

Higher Mind Calling
Above and beyond the call of duty to engage with you again and again. Where are you to do more than what you have expected or anticipated more than before...? The engaged factors of married couples and also generational issues have also been delivered to you in a brief summary of what Tantra is and where you may have more dictations told to you in the bedroom. What are you doing that is so giving? When are you the most receiving?

What are you doing to do more than just you for you? Is the quality of you the main stay of your fabric? Are people begging for attention? Or are you talking brief and distinct to you in order to gain back the sexual and sensual feel you once had as you were younger? The sessions are mainstay for older couples, mixed couples or even puja parties for wilder occasions for you to work up your appetite for a brief home gathering to do more than you just you.

Each morn is brief and exotic and the flav is quality approach to doing. While people have been engaged in sexual behaviors for many years, Kenya has chosen to abstain and briefly tribal in Peru in order to do more clearing work for the mission of self love. North America is the primary living grounds and South America is a resort that is no resort. A brief one on one 3 to 7 month episode in between appointments. While in Peru, you may choose to set a time to deliver yourself for lessons on self love and the ayahuasca healing ceremonies are also available to set your mind loose enough to do you.

Each morning, that I arrive in your lap, you may answer to no person. You have you to see and the gestures are always about you. Where are you to do in you? What are you doing to maintain you? What party gesture is delicate enough to also have fun yet simple and irresistible to take a detour to the sea and back? With just a gathering of no more than 6 people. For $1500 each for now and always a special on certain birthday or conventional ways of trying to gain peace with oneness and your own spirit world guide.

What do you do better than you? No more here than just the space and time we set together. Please look over a brief brochure and request this for no more than just $15. Please order this below

Set an appointment date for only $25 and place this below... Metaphysician and Author Kenya Lynem is ready to assist in the calling of your own work. Please specify on the donation button what you are requesting when ordering here: