Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Spiritual Growth and Examples

What spiritual entity plays so much that you have to tone down your fear zoned hearing?

What hearing aids you in the midst of everyone else in your way? What way is this way and how many people does it take to build you up from a foreplay action?

What person pushes you out of a fire zone?

What entity takes this stance in a light way and say - hmmm

What light says, "hmmm - I will play. I see."

I fear the day - is the ole saying. The light is the one you brush against and say I've been here too long to whine about shit.

I have to say this for a friend too. Why? He is battered in feel of the world too.

Brings this feel nice and then tatters his own mustange entity toothbrush in his mouth. Like a fire man. Like a fire spirit that runs on Octane.