Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mini Episode 8 - Sidetracked

I love the earth realm of the called out vessel that doesn't want to do more than their share. What entity comings and goings does this more to relate on what is happening? What ole way doesn't anticipate a clean slate with himself or his fellow vehicled partner in criminal work if she doesn't see him for who he was - or is but now the is - doesn't fit. The right one is nothing. The criminal mind is something and the master cave is that. What masters his own way and doesn't allow entities to rule that over - this one.

What is this play?

Can anyone do anything that doesn't want to do more than a way or something? I have nothing to share but my own view of the corn stalk hitler feel of indian nature and maize. Watch your back and then you are trumped to an account stand the miniature way of disco tech mania and then the other world is sidetracking to still your move.

Watching your way. Nothing is this to do. So when I hear you are doing - what work do you see me do? Swatting the fly that is all around the caped man of some farfetched vehicle? I have nothing to do all day but play. Namaste - FORUM  - READINGS & CLEARINGS

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