Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mini Episode 45 - Divination Pendulum no more

Fearing the scum of the ground and entering the mock mode of the little man down the street so that he can play with you and your sis without ones knowing. Maybe your mom will pay attention to me now.

Can you deliver the baby with your name too? He is protective of her - why is your mom not coming around - isn't that our aunt?

I want her to be - so I will have your sis in the stroller and let the ole man in his way have her. Okay - I won't do that.

I want to do that too. Do they know we are strange? I hope so. I love our way. Witches of the coven down the hickory type tree and back - jack. Muscle men are here to deliver a cookie and we are all contained until he go. We are mannered in the way she may want us - even her. Does she show - no.

Why is she so desperate to say she don't like us? I want her to come by and I want that wig to pop off - why are we so strange - I guess dad don't like us either. bye


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