Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mini Episode 41 - Termites Centipedes Fireflys Cockroaches

Lets get into a way of something really quick!

Why are the cockroaches so plentiful in the spectrum of getting into their own way? Why are you doing more for the living and then grow antennae in order to fly higher than the norm?

Why are you so spectator right now and then also doing your stuff fast? Quick is a hurry isn't it or are you pleasant in your encounter too? The roach says hello here - and doesn't wait for a now moment either. He spooks up and says - boo.

Love is not here for us that play games with each other. Why the firefly streams sands of fire in your eye and you are blind for the moment? I want to do more for you is this here. They feel if I shoot this rocket out and you see me - then maybe your skin will say - I need a treatment or something.

When the centipede comes into fruition and the dragon slays all eyes that have encountered the mess of the piled up rose bud - you will have nothing to encounter and when you deliver a message of this lingered body and the roach wants to linger only with himself - the termite says all has to get gone. Namaste - FORUM  - READINGS & CLEARINGS

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