Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mini Episode 40 - gravesites and gardens

The site of the grave is coming toward my way for right now. I am neither here or there with my talk. I am standing on one foot and the graveyard is not the length of a ward or prison type spectator that is not all there to receive me. He wants to know why you are too much for him now. I want to do more for you walk and you don't feel to be the same. I am here to do more for you. So why are you doing more for others? I cannot get into my main frame for this way. I want to do more for  you and others and know why I am here to frame your butt for staking too much in me. I love you!

I am an id and so are you and I love you too.

Why are you so deliberate in your partaking in the way of the earth realm and never again the world? The standing is not so huge and you are doing more for your fellow man? What the f is this?

I am here too - what are you doing for your - what? I am having to do more for your - I am just playing like I don't know anything about you or anyone. Ever again. I am here too. I like you. Okay. Namaste - FORUM  - READINGS & CLEARINGS

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