Saturday, October 12, 2013

Mini Episode 24 - Fishing Exercise Yoga

I want to do more for the world is all of these people exclaiming to me right now!

I want to do more heart. I want to do more love with you. Can you just do your thing in my living area for a day?

I want to do more for you too but I am not able as much and don't feel to explain. I can go if you like to an agency and work there for a bit. By the way - are you doing more for me or for the baby? I am gaining info about him and he is still in his mind now. Representing more the way of the wicked so that you are seeing him fresh and new and not so much timid like before - are you gaining access to the world or are you doing more looking on some that feel for you to stare?

I observe you and don't do mongrels yet - but i can.

I wish you were doing me. I love you. Namaste - FORUM  - READINGS & CLEARINGS

A network of representatives in the states for now with Intuitive Metaphysician PhD level Kenya Lynem. Author of Trials of the Lamb series online and kindle version. The Peru Iquitos retreats are set to go hand in hand with forum chats and healing work. Meet us each week and even daily to start to build a living community. Here. Now. Presence.