Saturday, October 12, 2013

Mini Episode 22 - Tantra and Sexual Intercourse

Walk toward your path and the right and wrong system does get in the way universe claims. What claim does this have to do with me - and why are ids so determined to break a spell of recon and you are not that - why are you speaking?

Why do you trough through the sludge of doo? Can the dew be more than what you are exclaiming? Why are you ahead of nothing - and I laugh to tell you that but you are speaking little do get through this trudge so I will have to do more - on the other side of a will that is gut bound no more. I am here to do more than this - I hope the play is struggle free and the will is grand to do more than this - right?

What are you doing that shows your will is strength and justified in your walk instead of someone trying to fly higher than you on your seminar and points of interest?

I am not going through this with you now. I want to do - and I want to go - and I want to never be here again and your ass is the show of the time scape particles that are doing these articles a service joint today. And never again will you do more for you service man - and then some.


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