Saturday, October 12, 2013

Mini Episode 20 - passion anger bitter root chakra

Do you ever go home and do you realizes the chiropractor isn't here to fix your income either? Why are people of our category longing for a break right now? Why are you doing so much more than what you have to do - and is anyone else doing that - why are you doing that now?

Feeling your way through the root is not the right or wrong passion cry - and it often discovers itself with a walk - a - bout your mainframe cap size noggen - like your nuget candy bar and the mainstay media talk show. Why are you doing so much to do more than you? How are you exposing your able body? Are you doing more than what you felt to do a year ago or are you doing the lecture and nothing else - like a fake jargon of the novel you wrote?

I want to do more - I want to do more and I have to focus but this b is not getting in my function right now. I know she ain't doing that. I realize that she is not - doing that sht right now.

Will I ever be able to play with the root this much around me? No.

I will go. Namaste and friending only you that know - what you are ready to encompass on a healing path is here: - FORUM  - READINGS & CLEARINGS

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