Friday, October 4, 2013

mini episode 11 - projection meditation still

What ratched way is the one behind me and have exposed what is speaking more clearer than i am for this episode?

The mediation state wants to do more than you - or me or anyone else as you become quiet in your mind and the heart stills to a slowed rhythm to capture all what you are speaking - what silence is this now with Laurie - a client nearer to the heart more than you?

The client that is the one that says this: I want to get rid of that speck of doo that doesn't want to do more than you or me. Why are we so deliberate in our intent to mainstay our existence?

The watchtower of the grave site is here and then some. While I look back or forward - they are claiming something that I am doing and will allow you to see what that is momentarily. The meditation practice of many do not allow us to do more than what we feel our hearts to passion us to begin and end. What complete series is here online to do more of than me?


Watching you - and you are not the existence I thought you were with me - namaste

Working is over for me now - love is here - pladow!

Fiction character is this now.

Watching over me to see if someone is hurting me. But now she sees everything is okay - and will be. LOL I am here to do more harm if you allow me to do.


A network of representatives in the states for now with Intuitive Metaphysician PhD level Kenya Lynem. Author of Trials of the Lamb series online and kindle version. The Peru Iquitos retreats are set to go hand in hand with forum chats and healing work. Meet us each week and even daily to start to build a living community. Here. Now. Presence.