Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fighting the Nation on My Own

Cannot get into a way yet with people until they realize why I am here. I don't want to do things is a vibe only of people right now around me.

They are feeling on everything. They want to do more than their share and don't give up with anything they feel to do - these people are the ones around in the universe that are very discrete with their adjusted ways of ole.

Here is an example:

When people are not different in their own eyes - they make a way to see them different. Then, as they are appearing different to themselves - who am i speaking about here adamantly to stance their own ground for living?

Why are people so concerned with themselves less and more with others in tack gene ridden ways?

Hereditary diagrams that state, "I only know me from the ancestry tree."

Why are people different is the vibe they give off - but love their own unique ways of distributing their feelings to others that may want to be left alone.

Suicidal elements and adjusted fibered wondrous appetites too. For conning you. Live your lie is what they often say to themselves in a world of nothing. Why are people so amazed at this ability to do more than their share? - FORUM  - READINGS & CLEARINGS

A network of representatives in the states for now with Intuitive Metaphysician PhD level Kenya Lynem. Author of Trials of the Lamb series online and kindle version. The Peru Iquitos retreats are set to go hand in hand with forum chats and healing work. Meet us each week and even daily to start to build a living community. Here. Now. Presence.