Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mental Mind Alchemy Ways of Slaves

What way of mind games do this to themselves each day? What way is so loud that you have to do more justice to do our way up now? Give this up for now. The loudness is confusing for people that do not know our language.

What people are not laughing at this?

What people are so quiet about this that they don't have a way to explain, "I am going out of my way to love you but I do not love myself as much. So what are you doing tonight?"

The justice system of loud clacking banter is not the world anymore as much in the shifting of dimensions. But it is loud in the 3rd way of the world all over the place. Especially in the states. What shifting did this?

What economy is going toward a vibrant way of nothing?

What elderly way is this? The ole way? The justice system that says I abuse myself in order to feel more later? Or now?

What political arena is this now?

What politician is this?

What media does this often to show you how jackasses get on television to tell you why we do this?

Where are you to judge now?

The Rockwells and the liberated Rochie type systems are not all there mental ways but they are physical. What physical system is backed up in the ass now?


Their childrens.

Their ways.

What ways go beyond the stream of nothing?


Give yourself a break and you will know why I pull on you hard.

The break fucks you up lively. What life spectrum does this often?

Yours. The ego call of the mocking bird.

Watch your way and know why you are not talking as much dad.

You are vibed and I am living. HA!

Give yourself a way to know why people don't vibe as much with me anymore in play, but I play hard mirroring you in a stillness that you feel to go grand enough to mock me that observes you and doesn't have a clue to do anything different than this tonight. I am here. Still. Present. And allowing you to see.