Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Love Doesn't Have To Be Extreme - OH

I have nothing all day to do but these things. So lets play.

Why are you so subtle with the way you announce your living? We all want to know! Who wants to know?

I am here. But I am not here to just give to you easy or subtle. So why are all the men trying to vibe with me in a sexual way.

This is metaphysician Kenya Lynem and Shaman Kitara stating that I am very livid with the strain of nice that is being given out toward women to get used often.

I love the creativity aspects of everything that I do but when I get to a point of having to vibe a busy lifestyle and listless ways of trimming the fat off of you to deal with you - you do a sexual twist of wanting to get fucked up in a messed up world. Why?

Love is this extreme. Wanting is this addictive. So get your ways out of the way and deal. Nice. Love. Heart is walking you now.

Love is now. Work is now. Feel is now. And Heart tramples on the feel that doesn't want to do anything but that. NOW is stillness with you if you want that. Where is this for many? Not a scheme of factors or anything like that is what many would say in a real way - we are just really messed up! If you ain't in the church then you are out of the way of the world. Wow. Did a church member just say that?


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