Friday, September 27, 2013

I am Tripping on Nothing Right now

When I speak about nothing - that is literally all there is to it.

Why is the world trying to go further with a sound of OM than they have to? What is this for ones that feel the void is TIME or something else that they may feel weary about and don't care about you when they feel this to explain.

Here is the gimick - Showing anything to you right now in extreme detail is a using mentality only to respond. This is what I am doing.

Whatever I give - is so you are coddled no more by people that will use you more often than has to - in a reality of world only.

Getting along with someone at work is this too in this way: I don't want to deal with Billy or Carrie or even Steven right now - I am here. I just want to do more with me. I just sense that people are weird and have nothing else to do all day but relate no more. They just pass time on you. Like piss. But never in a weird way that is mean or cruel - but ends up cruel with you if you ever NEED for this again.

Lets go over the scenario.

I am here at work and I know Carrie doesn't like me and she just is smiling at me. So I will be here for 8 hours messing with her and she messes with Billy cause she is tense about me looking at her strange all day. I love this mess.

What is this in the world stronger than your ways of ole? Nothing.


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