Saturday, September 28, 2013

Going Out to the Wilderness

The wilder side of eden and cutting into a speaking right now is not necessary until you realize how real people get with me. What realness is needed and justified right now in the world? How come the kid and play aspect of nothing is here and then not?

Where does this go? What does this do? What does this go toward in delivering a message to the public? Why are you doing so much in the interim of spectacle looking? What boo is needed in order to spook him out of realness right now? I have nothing to do all day but this and the judgment calls are grand around here. I am seeking a nothing of a chance to do more.

I want to do more than just what you are doing. I want to do more than just what you are doing too. I have nothing to do but me. Are you real? Are you ready to do nothing? I have everything and all and nothing too. Do you have that? What void is here and nothing is here until you realize you are speaking with someone that is not all here - but is.

What are you doing?