Saturday, September 14, 2013

Feeling out Why This White Boy

What white boy did I date back in the day that your daughter likes now? That was Greg too! And wants to feel me out why I am not on Facebook or any other project with him even though he is in Hawaii. Why?

He comes up just on time for me to view him nice. And giddy. What does that mean? Everything in ways is in my face right now. The minute I pull that shit out - I am not right anymore with any of these people that feel nice with me now. Meaning - I am getting ready to pull out a bagel to nibble on with a serving of raw food next to it and this will assist in them seeing me darker today - cause I just went for a run for 7 hours (makes no sense to me either) very much lightwork though and everyone in the lounge is sinking to a "feel" level of ahhhhhhhhhhh. And the light shines nice but not all the time. When he starts to panic attack on what I did, I am not supposed to speak to anyone more than 5 minutes today in a non-meditative state. They will get cut up!

I am not cocky at all and am just thinking about the run only. My lightworker friend at my right side is the speaker in my ear. My aunt. Why are you so felt up right now? I am not right. I have nothing to say to you - this is toward my aunt - BOO!