Saturday, September 28, 2013

Do you Like Yourself Yet

I am here tramping around in a car and renewing things with my speak. lol

Are you there yet to use something you think - is available?

Anywho - lets move forward and upward and more light actions are necessary for you.

Do you get what I mean right now?

They are stupid here. I think you should love yourself more than what this is - do you steal from others often or do you just do your shit? I love your way but I don't want to do more than I think. Oh Okay. I think I see you. I want you to do more than what I do. I want you to do more than what I would see. I want you to do more than what I feel. I want you to do more than what I understand. I want you to do more than us. I love you sis. I have to do more clean actions too.

This way is not related yet but it is related to a way. A con that says "I have to do more things for people than you - I have nothing to do with you until I relate. I am shit now until then. I am not that way - so let me learn this new way I see our race do. I see work in a setting and you are outdoors. Then you come in and do more and it is for you. How do you do that? I think you are working. What are you doing? I have to know. I want to use you."

This way is expressed extreme here and now. With a shaman that doesn't play sign language or stares. Love is here for you. Hate is expressed quick. Now speak.


A network of representatives in the states for now with Intuitive Metaphysician PhD level Kenya Lynem. Author of Trials of the Lamb series online and kindle version. The Peru Iquitos retreats are set to go hand in hand with forum chats and healing work. Meet us each week and even daily to start to build a living community. Here. Now. Presence.