Saturday, August 17, 2013

Yearning to Talk but Not Really

I am not really going to speak to you and we are the one in the same group. I want you to do more than your share right now and we will bare more skin than you are willing to see. I want to do more than your share and your play is extreme. So extreme that you are not willing to do more than my share too - are you ?

oh - not really. I cannot imagine anything else foreshadowing than this.

Getting back from a hike last night with a friend and she is baring all skin. Why?

She wants to expose her way. Of homo sexual ways. I am here with her and not now.


Because you are the true now moment of nothing. All of your glory is not needed to witness my aptitude with you. Where are you with yourself to show all of you to me?

I want to do a now session with you then. I love. Namaste