Saturday, August 10, 2013

What Watered Down Vehicle

A vehicle of the stationed man game play of nothing. What nothing? The nothing of our occasional way of something. What everything has much light extended to do each week or now moment? Love or stationary awkward ways? Love extreme is here for everyone to be sound and document their journey in the hereafter only. Where are you to do so much work? What the heck are you doing out there running like that? Are you crazy. I just finished a light walk jog and the catch is always the one that doesn't like me the most. But they are cordial now. Why?

The system of ID and the limited ways of the ego play is all that I do today. Why?

Because I am here. Not now. I am here for you girl. I am now. I love and play. What spirit does this?

The ex husband that doesn't finish his crucifixion until 2020. Love