Thursday, August 29, 2013

Walking Toward a Way Only

Working on getting out of a way toward a way. What is that? Face a situation and you know why I don't rely too much on the naked cerebral fixture of the ball of stancing that people call 4th eye and above -


Where is this to even get involved?

What is this to get involved higher than this?

What is this to get involved deeper than this?

How deep in doo am I in? What eye am I toward right now? 18th

Can I dig deeper than this right now? Or not? Can I dig deeper than this and see in the trees everything that is ghost up close? What is this tree ghost I see that isn't a tree at all? But it is a dawg of a system that doens't want us to see?

What if you were a white card race name of fiber and all of a sudden - someone sees you different in a millisecond and you know you just vibed this feel?

What jumps this way too in certain diabological areas of concern that are more mathematical and technology says "We are cartoons now?"